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Fri May 31 18:48:27 UTC 2002

Hi Charles and listmembers,

looking at your message and at the attached gifs of "Pharaoh"  in ASL (???)
I realized a difference in my understanding of reading and writing from
different perspectives -

it is true that my deaf students (9th grade) prefer spellings that are not
split in different perspectives - and I agree that as often as possible I
should try to stick to one perspective (top down or front-view, or side-
view) -

but on the other hand - there is sometimes a need to read and write the
single symbols that are combined to a whole sign are written from different
perspectives .

I don ±²  feel confused if this happens and there is almost none risk to
misunderstand the symbol !

Your attached pharao shows two different signs - correct ?
One sign back of hand towards the signer - the other one - back of hand to
the right ! (while the head is shown in top down the right hand is written
from front- view. )

Attached is the German sign for "Pharaoh"  for those who are interested in
comparing signs of different SL

All the best

Stefan ;-)

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> Whenever I change perspective, I look at the hand from that perspective.
> Since I'm looking down from the top, the hand must be half and half rather
> than all black as I am seeing the edge of the hand rather than the back of
> the hand.
> This is the only way I know of to show the "back top" of the head as
> to the front top of the head, like one of the signs I have seen for
> "Pharaoh" with a serpent brushing up from the forehead.  (two signs
> attached)
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> From: Charles Butler <chazzer3 at EROLS.COM>
> Sent: Thursday, May 30, 2002 8:55 PM
> Subject: Re: Malta-Scorpion
> > Here's my take on it.  If the back is at the bottom looking at the top
> > the head, this should be accurate for "scorpion"
> >
> > Charles Butler
> >

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