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Fri May 24 22:25:07 UTC 2002

>Neil Bauman wrote: Val, I think you still misunderstand Mohamed. The
>way I understand what he
>wrote is that he gave the same class of students three different
>tests--one in SW, one in Arabic and one with both SW and Arabic
>questions. So it was the same students that got the three different
>scores, depending on the language the test was written in. Is this
>what you were trying to say Mohamed? Neil

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May 24, 2002

Really? wow - that is different. If that is true, I did
misunderstand. I assumed it was three control groups...three separate
groups got asked the same questions in three different ways...

But if it was the same students with three different tests, that
still is positive and shows that SignWriting was a help.

A control group study was done on DanceWriting in the early 1980's.
Dr. Nancy Moses received her Ph.D at Boston University in "Movement
Studies", by writing her dissertation on studying three control
groups of dancers, to see if DanceWriting helped them learn a dance.

Group One did not learn DanceWriting. They learned a dance by
physically dancing it and copying each other's movements on the dance

Group Two learned the dance by reading a DanceWriting document..but
never danced it themselves - only read the DanceWriting.

Group Three learned the dance with a combination of reading
DanceWriting and also doing it physically.

This was a six-week study. The test asked them to do the dance from
memory. The results were strongly in DanceWriting's favor. The group
that had no DanceWriting had the poorest scores. The group that
combined the two did better. But the group that learned the dance by
reading it only, was the group that memorized the dance the best -

Nancy's professor called me and asked me to come in to see the
results - The professor was amazed that the results were so positive
......He had assumed the opposite and was really surprised...

So I am hoping that a control group study will be done someday with
SignWriting - Certainly Mohamed's study is the closest we have come
to that idea...

Val ;-)


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