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May 30, 2002

Karl Borg wrote from Malta:
>My name is Karl. I am a deaf colleague working with Marie and Maria on
>the Maltese sign language dictionary. I have a problem to signwrite the
>part of signing of "scorpion". I am attaching the file of this part of
>the sign. The sign is at the back of head but how do you indicate this
>using signwriting, and also the two fingers come in contact with each
>other. Thankyou

Welcome, Karl, to the SignWriting List! Your attached photo is great.
Happy to meet you!

Stuart Thiessen has already written the sign for "scorpion" for you,
based on your words above. He wrote the sign "at back of the head",
as you described, by using parentheses. The parentheses are used to
show contact with "the back of the head"....

But when I looked at the photo, I did not see the hand contacting the
back of the head. I saw the hand on top of the head...If it were
contacting the back of the head, using my terminology, then we
couldn't see the hand in the photo, because it would be hidden behind
the head. So I guess I would like to ask...Do you mean that the hand
is on top of the head but towards the back portion of the top? Look
forward to your answer....Val ;-)
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