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Mon May 27 19:19:21 UTC 2002

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May 27, 2002

Dear SW List Members:
Below is a message from El Salvador from Eugenio. I will answer in 
the next message ;-)

But first, for everyone's education, I got an immediate quick 
translation of Eugenio's message from Spanish to I 
went to the Alta Vista Translation Service on the web, and I pasted 
Eugenio's message in Spanish into the translation box. I then chose: 
"Spanish to English" translation. This is the translation I received 
in English...(Eugenio's Spanish message is below)...

 From Alta Vista Translation Service

Dear Valerie Sutton, desire to inform to him that in the school of 
deaf people San Antonio de Padua already we have begun with the sign 
education writing, I have become qualified single with texts in 
Internet, lowered lessons in Spanish and would wish to know if I can 
remove photocopy to them for its diffusion here, is another school of 
deaf people interested, I am finishing filling the forms for 
mandárselos, also wanted to share that the sign writing has brought 
us many deaf opponents. Sicólogos think that the sign writing would 
be an obstacle for the learning of Spanish in the deaf children, I 
really do not share that idea, but it would wish that it helped to 
understand better the sign me writing. Another problem which I have 
is that when I have had the intention to begin to teach to 
signoescritura to the adult deaf people the opponents they say that I 
do not have a certificate who describe me to be able to teach to 
them, I feel with the tied hands, would wish to know if you could 
extend a diploma of participation or something that authorizes to 
give me beginning with the adults, and thus to be able to extend we 
diplomas of participation to the listeners and deaf people to 
stimulate them to learn. Good, I wait for many answers of its part 
and thanks for its time in responding to me. God always blesses it. 
Peace and Well. Eugene González. Catholic Scholastic center of Deaf 
people San Antonia de Padua.


>From: "Eugenio Gonz·lez" <effeta21 at>
>Subject: Desde El Salvador...
>Date: Wed, 15 May 2002
>   Estimada Valerie Sutton, deseo informarle que en la escuela de 
>sordos San Antonio de Padua ya hemos comenzado con la enseñanza de 
>signo escritura, me he capacitado solo con los textos en internet, 
>bajé unas lecciones en Español y desearía saber si puedo sacarles 
>fotocopia para su difusión aquí, hay otra escuela de sordos 
>interesada, estoy terminando de llenar los formularios para 
>mandárselos, también quería compartir que la signo escritura nos ha 
>traído muchos opositores sordos.
>  Unos sicólogos opinan que la signo escritura sería un obstáculo 
>para el aprendizaje de español en los niños sordos, realmente no 
>comparto esa idea, pero desearía que me ayudara a entender mejor la 
>signo escritura.
>  Otro problema que tengo es que cuando he tenido la intención de 
>comenzar a enseñar signoescritura a los sordos adultos los 
>opositores me dicen que no tengo un certificado que me califique 
>para poder enseñarles, me siento con las manos atadas, desearía 
>saber si usted podría extender un diploma de participación o algo 
>que me faculte para dar inicio con los adultos, y así poder extender 
>nosotros diplomas de participación a los oyentes y sordos  para 
>estimularlos a aprender.
>  Bueno, espero muchas respuestas de su parte y gracias por su tiempo 
>en responderme.
>  Dios la bendiga siempre.
>   Paz y Bien.
>  Eugenio González.
>  Centro Escolar Católico de Sordos San Antonia de Padua.

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