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Valerie Sutton Sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Fri Nov 1 20:11:44 UTC 2002

Ingvild wrote:
>First: Thank you Valerie for the nice dictionary files. Where thay made by
>the SignBAnk program??

SignWriting List
November 1st, 2002

Hello SW List members, and Ingvild -
Yes...That is correct. It is our first real dictionary created with SignBank 2002!

I had to go through this process once, to make sure that the SignBank software is working, to test the Sign-Symbol-Sequence to see if it sorts properly, and to establish what spelling-rules make sense to me....There are only 130 signs and pictures in this little dictionary... But that is enough for me to tell you what spelling rules I used...

So I will now start sharing with you, in the next series of messages, my own spelling guidelines...

Meanwhile, if you can manage another big download, it might be to your advantage to get the latest "SignBank US" database I posted today:

SignBank Download Center

That includes 130 signs already entered into SignBank...Although they are American signs, you can open the Editor to see how I entered them to study my spelling choices...just a thought... If you can't, I hope my explanations will be enough...

I need an hour or so to relax and drink a cup of coffee - Once again, I wish you were here sharing it with me!

Val ;-)

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