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Valerie Sutton Sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Fri Nov 1 22:34:10 UTC 2002

Charles Butler wrote:
>With Valerie's recent postings on positionings from the center of the body in terms of locations in space, I guess I'm of split mind on this, only for the sake of "completeness" in a dictionary, and the fact that two of my sisters are left-handed.

SignWriting List
November 1, 2002

Hello Charles -
Your two sisters must be brilliant - I heard that left-handed people are smarter than right-handed people! (you see, I am right-handed, and a close friend of our family is left-handed, and he is always teasing me about this ;-)

Anyway, yes...location in space has to start from the center of the body, especially now, because we now write down the page in vertical columns, and that "central focus" is essential for writing vertically...that is why SignWriting is so easy to read now...because signer's think from their center, and then out....

In the old days, we used to right from "left to right" and the old DOS program still types that direction...so that is why a lot of people don't realize how vertical we are these days!

And if I were your sisters, I would write signs from their perspective, and place them in SignBank...they might be a little sorry to see the left-handed signs coming after the right-handed ones...but other than that, they are welcome to write left-handed!

Val ;-)

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