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Valerie & Rocha,
I must say that your (Valerie) spelling guide and our (Marianne, Rocha & Charles)  spelling guide are almost exact parallels.  You have the technology to write out what I picked up from your books.  I have a page of signs here that I would like to question you as to order, as they are very close to each other, and they might make a good example.
The spelling on the signs is by "minimal pairs", that is "what is different about the sign from the prior sign which can be used to index it."  The "spelling" box just contains that much information.  Usually a handshape and orientation, or two handshapes and orientations is sufficient, but when it comes to two signs "confusao" and "complicado", the only difference is the speed at which the sign is produced, so the full spelling is necessary to divide them out.
I tried to follow the teaching guide to simply order them by speed, as at least that way there is a logic to it.
Throwing this out to the list, what do y'all think?
Charles Butler

The first article in the SignWriter Journal is a highly condensed form of what you have put out here.  I have chosen, purely from your teaching methodology, to put an order to the contact, manner, and movement symbols which at present is not covered.  Your "hand syllable" and your "movement syllable" parallel what I have put into the Libras/Portuguese dictionary.  This is truly fascinating.  You had taught more than you knew simply in your own publications.
Also, there are a few Brazilian signs which are "all tongue movement".  I presume that with these there would simply be a series of faces?.
 Bill Reese <wreese01 at TAMPABAY.RR.COM> wrote: Aw shoot, Val, it was just a thought.  :-)


Valerie Sutton wrote:

I really like these syllabels,Ingvild

SignWriting ListNovember 3, 2002That's good to know, Ingvild. Here is a 14 page document summarizing it:Download:Sutton's SignSpelling Guidelines 2002 pages in PDF Format, 184 KBFor Editors Creating Dictionaries in SignBankThis document teaches how to "spell" signs in SignWriting. Which SignWriting symbol comes first? Which comes second? Sutton teaches the stucture of SignWriting Syllables, including spelling with facial expressions, and using pronunication guides called "Location Markers" (thanks to Bill Reese for the term "pronunciation guides"...see page 13 of this document, Bill ;-)And Ingvild, please keep me informed as to how your spelling experiences go - I am interested....Val ;-)

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