Sorting by SW Location Symbols

GS-Media gsmedia at DPLANET.CH
Mon Nov 4 13:38:40 UTC 2002

Hi Val,

Just a short message to say I'm really happy about the new possibility
of sorting by location in SW. Many thanks for all the work!
It's not just computers that need this sorting capability, but also sign
language linguists who are interested in questions like, "does such and
such a handshape or movement occur more often in specific locations".
By asking such questions, you can begin to see the rules governing the
forms allowed in a specific language.  The neat thing about SignBank is
that we will then be able to see if different sign languages have
similar or different rules.

warm greetings,

Penny Boyes Braem
Oerlikonerstrasse 98
CH-8057 Zurich, Switzerland

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