translation of sw text written with sw001.dic - by an uninformed author

Stefan Woehrmann2 stefanwoehrmann at HOTMAIL.COM
Sat Oct 5 18:47:13 UTC 2002

Hi Val,

hm - of course -

"Yes, informed readers do  read SignWriting fluently. I personally can read
a SignWriting text
 as fast as I read an English newspaper..." I am not astonished at all. I
bet that you can read any SW document if it is written by a competent ASL
signing person ... Otherwise we should quit the whole idea !
But if I would send a document written in German SL all you would understand
is the movement (and the spelling violations  ;-((( )     but not the
meaning of the document.

Well the interesting point is - that you are the informed reader - you know
the meaning of ASL -
I am a stupid beginner in ASL - I simply look up signs by word  in the
001.dic  and  arange the signs in an order that might come close to some
structures in ASL grammar  ??

Nevertheless you are able to understand ;-))  -- and this is a point that
deserves more attention.

Sometimes  I am lucky to receive handwritten GebaerdenSchrift-documents. I
am amused to understand the meaning even if the handshapes ore movement
symbols are other parts of the spelling are written wrong !!

Stefan ;-))

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> SignWriting List
> October 3, 2002
> Thank you, Stefan, for this good point - Yes, informed readers do
> read SignWriting fluently. I personally can read a SignWriting text
> as fast as I read an English newspaper...And I know there are others
> with the same experiences....the Nicaraguan Deaf children have no
> other writing system and read and write texts themselves in
> SignWriting, as well as notes to each other in SignWriting in
> Nicaraguan Sign Language, and they certainly communicate!  And I bet
> your students in Germany have similar experiences.... Val ;-)
> ------------------------------------
> Stefan wrote:
> >Dear Valerie and list members,
> >
> >ha it is fun to read your translation -
> >Somehow this can become in interesting experiment , kind of pretest how
> >people might get interested in the use of SignBank since we will get the
> >chance to look up the meanig of signs - starting with the spelling of the
> >SW-signs ;-))
> >
> >When I look for the ASL signs in the 001 dictionary I have to count on
> >readers competence in his own language - and voila - it works. Evon if
> >are major mistakes the "informed"  reader should be able to put the
> >together so that the whole message makes sense to him/her !
> >
> >This is the case with spoken languages as well. Looking at the first
> >documents of little children first grade or foreigners who are not too
> >familiar with the foreign language (like me ;-)))) )   are allowed to
> >their best guesses ...
> >
> >I am looking forward to your next teaching lessons
> >
> >Stefan ;-)
> >
> >
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> >>  SignWriting List
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> >>  Hello Stefan - Thank you for this great message. I am guessing you
> >>  "Hello Valerie, Yes! I finished work sign. I wait next teach lesson
> >>  about saving in dictionary.  Take care and best wishes, Stefan"
> >>  Thank you, Stefan! Val ;-)
> >
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