Language Translations on your desktop....

Valerie Sutton Sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Sun Oct 6 14:54:19 UTC 2002

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October 6, 2002

>Hi Valerie,
>can you write it with a small "a"
>"Suchen anhand von Symbolen"
>It looks great !
>Stefan ;-)

Thank you, Stefan! And yes...I will be happy to make that change.
That was actually my had given it to me correctly

I have some news...I installed a new operating system on my Mac
called "Jaguar", which is really a new version of Mac OS X (Mac
operating system 10)...

Anyway...this new "Jaguar" operating system has a lot of new
technology built inside the operating system...and one of the new
features is a translation program...The translation program is
Systran, and it is a new feature of their Sherlock program on the Mac

Remember how I used to tell everyone to go on the web to AltaVista,
and translate a sentence or two? Well that kind of feature is now
built into the Mac desktop - I can take any document and do a
translation into another language at the push of a button, without
accessing the web - Of course it has the same pitfalls as any
translation software...namely that it doesn't know the cultural
differences etc...but it certainly is a great help to have that
translation feature right on my desktop...

Do other operating systems have that? I am just curious? Does Windows
have a way to translate from language to language within Windows?

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