For Charles Butler....

Valerie Sutton Sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Mon Oct 7 16:19:34 UTC 2002

SignWriting List
October 7, 2002

Dear SignWriting List, and Charles!
Thank you for this message and question (below). I have been running
behind, but I will explain this in depth soon. This is not an
inconsistency. I simply have another theory, that's all. Ironically,
you have been typing and using my little theory all along, Charles,
without realizing it, because it is hidden in the code of our
computer programs...SignWriter 1.0 and 4.4 are based on you
haven't noticed it until now....I will teach the idea of
"BaseSymbols" in the next ten days and I hope it will be an
interesting discussion!

Right now, I need to know...Have you been able to install FileMaker,
Charles? You have more memory in your computer now? I hope FileMaker
works for you...I am happy I could give you a donated copy from the
FileMaker corp...

Val ;-)


Charles wrote:
>Here is a diagram showing what I believe to be an inconsistency.
>I hold the index finger up, compare that to the "C" or cup hand, and to the
>spiral hand.  The index hand rotates through positions 1 through 8, the
>spiral hand follows that same rotation, with the thumb at the bottom.  Why
>does not the "C" not match the spiral hand.  The middle one is what I would
>consider to be a parallel rotation, and yet for your "cup" hand, your
>position 1 starts with position 7.
>They are the same hand with the hand uncurled?  I don't understand.

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