SignBank 2002 Instruction, Task 7

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Hi Valerie and Everyone,

thanks for your answer. This helps to understand. So I will download  a f t
e r  you have posted your OK
- and Ilka - I am soooo happy you are aboard - and Sebastian as well ??!!
Even if you should have trouble to run the SW44 program - no problem I can
offer tons of bmps that will enable us to work together and to share the
task ahead of us. I am happy you joined the list (see attached sign)

Stefan ;-))

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SignWriting List
October 8, 2002

Hello Everyone and Stefan -
You are absolutely correct. I just checked it and the password 54321
has to be changed to have access to languages. I assumed you could do
that, because I could do it...but I have another private password
that is all my own, and our programmer obviously setup our passwords
differently - So sorry! But this is easily fixed. I will write to our
programmer and ask him how I can re-set the passwords so you can
change languages when you want to - smile - the only thing I am sad
about is that once I fix this, you will have to download again - but
don't download anything until I announce that a new version is

Thank you for giving me this feedback - and sorry for the inconvenience -

Val ;-)


>Hi Valerie,
>I am sorry to tell you that I could not change the language after I entered
>the password 54321 nothing happened when I clicked on the USA flag -
>Download version October 7 th . -    any idea ??
>Stefan ;-)
>attached is a screenshot of the screen as it looks like at this stage ...
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>>Ilka in Germany wrote:
>>now i know how to open SignBank, thanks a lot! :)
>>I haven  ¶    succeeded in changing the language to German, though,
>>but it might
>>have been because i  ¶    still using the Oct. 1st version (it takes me
about 2
>>1/2 hrs to download it and while doing so my phone is dead) so i  ^È-  l do
>>later in the week.
>SignWriting List
>October 8, 2002
>So glad to hear that you could open SignBank, Ilke - that is great!
> are right that you will need the October 7 version to get
>the German Navigation Language....However, the German doesn't show up
>much until you go into the SignBank Editor or in SignBank 8 in the
> when you download the Oct 7 version, look in the Editor
>to see if you have German words there - if you do you know you have
>the right version -
>Regarding downloading....
>Not everyone can download all the time. In fact, some people can't at
>all. I know I am very lucky. I have a fast cable modem, called
>RoadRunner, and I have very fast downloads and uploads - I wish you
>could all experience what I experience.... you would see that
>downloading with a fast modem is a dream come true!
>That is why I plan to create a CD later, and distribute that CD. Then
>the problems with downloading go away. However, we need some signs in
>the databases first - so those who can download are really helping us
>get going so we can add some signs - Downloading is free too, but the
>CDs will cost money and postage...
>Val ;-)
>Valerie Sutton
>Sutton at
>Sign Languages are
>written languages too!
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