SignBank 2002 Instruction, Task 2

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October 2, 2002

SignBank 2002 Instruction, Task 2

Make GIFs or JPEGs of Signs in SignWriting....
Someday we will have a way to type SignWriting directly in SignBank.
But for the next year or two, we have no choice but to add the signs
as GIFs or JPEGS. This is a slow task for the person who is the
SignBank Editor, but once the GIFs are entered, you will have a
database that others can use and enjoy. Those new users will never
know how much work it was for you and other SignBank Editors, to add
those signs!

Task 2 is to create the SignWriting GIFs, name each one in a specific
way, and place those GIFs in a special folder.

Task 2
1. Type the signs in SignWriter DOS.

2. Export the signs to a screen capture of each sign.

3. Open your graphics program, such as PhotoShop, Illustrator,
AppleWorks, CorelDraw, or MS Paint...There are many programs that
will create a GIF or JPEG for you...but it is different for everyone.
Choose a program you like and know.

4. Bring the SignWriting BMP file into your graphics program.

5. Create individual GIFs or JPEGs for each sign you wish to enter
into SignBank.

6. The GIFs should be a standard size. The SignBank standard SignSize
is to place the sign in the center of a perfect square that is:

86 by 86 pixels


1.194 by 1.194 inches


7.17 by 7.17 picas

7. What happens when the sign is wider or taller than the SignBank
standard size? Make that one GIF larger to fit that unique sign, and
don't worry about. Just use the standard size whenever possible.

8. Name each GIF following the SignBank standard. This is important,
so that later, we can all coordinate our databases. The SignBank
SignName Standard is:


Here are examples:




A single dash separates each section. Always put a number for the
sign, like 01 or 02, even if you only have one sign with that name.
That will make it easier later, if you want to add more signs with
the same name.

9. Save all your GIFs inside ONE folder. Call the folder "SignWriting
(plus your country code)". Here is an example:

SignWriting US (USA signs)
SignWriting DE (German signs)
SignWriting NO (Norwegian signs)
SignWriting CHde (Swiss-German signs)

Your folder will be placed in the SignBank Archives folder, with
folders from other countries.

End, Task 2 ;-)


Valerie Sutton
Sutton at

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