SignBank spelling order

Valerie Sutton Sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Mon Oct 14 01:51:10 UTC 2002

Charles Butler wrote:
>Our system works for us.  We encourage others to
>compare, contrast, and give us feedback.
>Valerie has created an open-ended system and
>encourages experimentation.

SignWriting List
October 13, 2002

Thanks for the description of your choice for Sign-Spellings in
Brazilian signs, Charles. It sounds like you and Marianne Stumpf
really worked hard on it. It will be interesting to see your
Brazilian SignBank someday...

I am glad you realize that I am encouraging experimentation -  I want
to try several theories myself, to see which spellings are read
easiest by Deaf children...Then I hope in time, through usage, an
international Sign-Spelling will evolve...

So everyone's opinions are valued and appreciated...

Tomorrow morning I will start sharing how I am adding the American
signs (for now)...

Val ;-)

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