SignBank spelling order

Valerie Sutton Sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Tue Oct 15 04:22:05 UTC 2002

Ingvild in Norway wrote:
>I know Valerie has addessed this question breifly before, but now as we
>sit down and actually do this, we should have a discussion and make rules
>that will also be felt as appropriate by the sign language lingiusts and
>by the signing communities, as far as that is possible. So I dare
>not enter anything more at the moment ...

SignWriting List
October 14, 2001

Dear SW List and Ingvild, Charles...
Regarding the future rules for ordering Sign-Spellings (SS), let us
use SignBank as our tool to work out some of the issues...I will show
you what I mean in the next message...

Ingvild...I hope you won't stop entering signs, because entering
signs is the only way we will come to a decision on the rules. I will
take the three signs you gave us as examples, and show you different
issues with them, in the next few messages.... not don't have to re-do anything with your
new book...the Northern European languages do have some differences
in regards to facial expressions which I want to is
nothing like ASL...and I want to discuss those differences now on the

Val ;-)

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