Signbank-Keys info at E-D-PFAU.DE
Mon Oct 14 14:08:54 UTC 2002

Hello Valerie and everyone,

At the moment we started Signbank on a notebook (it's the only PC we've
got which still is running with Win98, which I thought is important to
avoid software problems with Signwriter 4.4). Yesterday I read in the
instructions, that there is an important difference between the
"return/enter"-key and the "enter"-key in the numeric-key-field. The
(old) notebook hasn't got a numeric-key-field. Before using SignBank
I've to download or create a few missing archiv files. Has somebody with
a similar keyboard tried to use SignBank? Is it absolutely necessary to
have an "enter"-key in a numeric-key-field? Thanks for help. Sebastian

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