Valerie Sutton Sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Mon Oct 14 15:42:42 UTC 2002

SignWriting List
October 14, 2002

Dear SW List members, and Sebastian -
Thank you for your questions. Regarding the Enter Key, Sebastian, I
am actually not sure...but do not worry about that. Just use any
Enter Key you might have...or if you do not have an Enter key at all,
sometimes, some lap tops have a special keystroke to get the
equivalent to the Enter you might look into the manual that
came with your computer to see if they have an equivalent key....

Regarding the Archives, we are just beginning and I do not have any
German signs to place in the Archives...But today I will try to
upload Archives for children's illustrations and also American
signs...that way you will have something...

I would suggest holding off on downloading anything right now...I
found a bug in SignBank today I am sorry to say, and I have written
to our programmer...I was deeply upset about this, since I would hate
to ask you to re-download is pretty obvious that
SignBank is still in beta testing...I feel badly, but I know in time
it will be working - so let me get back to you -

Val ;-)


>Hello Valerie and everyone,
>At the moment we started Signbank on a notebook (it's the only PC we've
>got which still is running with Win98, which I thought is important to
>avoid software problems with Signwriter 4.4). Yesterday I read in the
>instructions, that there is an important difference between the
>"return/enter"-key and the "enter"-key in the numeric-key-field. The
>(old) notebook hasn't got a numeric-key-field. Before using SignBank
>I've to download or create a few missing archiv files. Has somebody with
>a similar keyboard tried to use SignBank? Is it absolutely necessary to
>have an "enter"-key in a numeric-key-field? Thanks for help. Sebastian

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