Handshapes in SW

MGirod & ACPrélaz girodmarc at VTX.CH
Tue Oct 15 11:18:27 UTC 2002

Dear Valerie,

I just gave in introduction course on Sign writing and other notation
systems to my future colleagues (signes language interpreters) of french
speaking part of Switzerland...
They were really iunterested about it ... one of them would love to have
all the different hanshapes used in SW as she would love to be able to
use SW by hand to take note of SL vocabulary, ...

Do you have a list or whatever I can show them next time I meet them ?
(I mean an exhaustive list of the hanshapes) or should I ask to the
french members of the list or... any suggestions?

Thanks for your quick answer (I see them for another course this

Yours truly

Anne-Claude Prelaz

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