For Sebastian: Email Attachments

Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Tue Oct 15 06:50:00 UTC 2002

>sorry, I didn't get the attached diagramm. (by the way, it's not the
>first time I didn't receive an attachment mentioned in an e-Mail text.
>:-(  Could it be, there is something wrong with my e-Mail-account? I
>checked and couldn't find anything wrong at the first sight.) Thanks for
>help. Sebastian

SignWriting List
October 15, 2002

Hello Sebastian and Everyone!
Sorry to hear of your email troubles. You are not alone...all of us have
problems from time to time. For example, the other day I tried to get rid
of spam, and I made a mistake and I ended up blocking my best friends! So
then I had to go back to figure out what setting had to be changed...

So Sebastian, it is possible that your email settings could be improved.
Ask a technician if you can. Make sure you are set to receive graphics
attachments "inside" email messages.

It is possible that my diagram wasn't perfect, or it is possible the
diagram got damaged in transit through the it is not
necessarily your email settings.

But there is a solution. It is called "web mail". Accessing email on the
web improves your success rate on receiving attachments.

And we have that for you. Go to:

SignWriting List Archives

Find the message you did not receive well. Open it and click on the word
Download. It will give you the diagram you missed - hope this helps!

Val ;-)

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