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October 24, 2002

Antonio Carlos in Brazil wrote:
>  I think this location symbol is real, great contribution to the problem of
>searching signs. It remembers me those round symbols you have in dance
>writing, for marking the direction the dancer is facing at.

Great to hear from you, Antonio Carlos, and I know you are busy. No need to respond to these messages. But your comments mean a lot....

The round symbols used in DanceWriting, which you mention, are called "3-D Symbols". They show the overhead view of the arms and legs, plus they show close and how far the limbs are from the center of the body....They also show which plane one is they hold a lot of information. They are abstract, and therefore are used for accuracy, but for everyday use, the stick figure is enough for most dancers.

For those List members who are new, SignWriting and DanceWriting are related to each other.....two sections of a general movement notation system called "Sutton Movement Writing". Here is an example of 3-D symbols, taken from :
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