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October 24, 2002

>When searching SignBank, it maybe necessary to specify if you want to
>search for signs written from the back view, or from the top view, or form
>either. In a bank with plenty of signs, there should be different results
>for each query. So, maybe a symbol for that would be useful too. Do you agree?
> All the best, Antônio Carlos

Yes. I do agree. Good to know what you need.... The SignWriting symbols are divided into these categories:

Category 01: Hand
Category 02: Movement
Category 03: Face
Category 04: Head
Category 05: UpperBody
Category 06: Limb
Category 07: FullBody
Category 08: Space
Category 09: Dynamics
Category 10: Punctuation

UpperBody Location is placed under Category 5. Limb Location is placed under Category 6.
And different kinds of location in space are placed under Category 8, including:

Group 08-01: Height
Group 08-02: Width
Group 08-03: Depth
Group 08-04: Spatial Segments
Group 08-05: Spatial Planes
Group 08-06: Group Patterns
Group 08-07: Reader Viewpoints

I will be happy to share GIFs on what these look like in the following messages...

Thanks for your comments, Antonio Carlos -

Val ;-)

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