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Valerie Sutton Sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Mon Sep 9 16:40:31 UTC 2002

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September 9, 2002

Hello Wayne and Everyone -
Thanks for this offer. It will be great to have SignBank Menus in
Chinese. You are correct about the problem of ASCII characters. My
computer is not setup to read Chinese, nor are most western operating
systems.... ;-)

In the case of Chinese, Japanese, Arabic and other written forms that
do not use the Roman Alphabet, I suggest that I create SignBank Menus
that are "graphics" and not "text". That way, we are not dependent on
people's operating systems.

It would be best for me, if you could send the Chinese to me as
graphics a JPEG or a GIF...and attach that to an email
message...You do not need to do many graphics files, but perhaps one
or two that include many lines of translation. Then I can "capture"
the individual diagrams from those JPEGs, and create the SignBank
Menus that way...

And there is no rush. Let's edit the Roman Alphabet translations
first. Thanks so much again for the offer....and I do hope to include
Chinese, Japanese and Arabic later...

Val ;-)


>Hello List and especially Valerie -
>      I'm more than willing to do the Chinese translations, but I'll need a
>lot more than the extended ASCII characters and their accompanying dots and
>squiggles.  Valerie, how would you like me to do this?  I can type in
>Chinese characters from here, but I don't have Adobe Acrobat so can produce
>...pdf files.  Should I fax them to you?
>       - Wayne
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>Learning Unlimited Language School
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>Tel.: 207-667-9482
>E-Mail: wayne at
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>From: "Charles Butler" <chazzer3332000 at YAHOO.COM>
>Sent: Monday, September 09, 2002 10:33 AM
>Subject: Re: Need SignBank Menu Translations; from Colombia
>>  Hello All,
>>  We will need to make sure that the Sign Bank menus
>>  have the extended ASCII set of Roman characters, as
>>  several of the languages have accents, tildes,
>>  circumflexes, points, and cedillas that do not, or
>>  only rarely, appear in American English.
>>  This listing is fascinating.
>>  Charles Butler
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