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Wed Sep 18 01:33:08 UTC 2002

My name is Adonia Smith...I was referred by Keith Cagle to you for
Sutton Movement Symbols...I am writing a Deaf-phoentic book for
children...My illustrator and I have been working on the arrows
showing the movement in ASL...We would like to make sure we drew
accurately...If you do not mind sending me your updated Sutton
moement system listing...That will be greatly appreciated....


September 17, 2002

Hello Adonia -
Here are some web pages to visit:

SymbolBank on the Web

SSS-2002 Visual Listing on the Web

But most important, you can download the symbols in 12,000 tiny GIFs...

Download Symbol Gif Files

There are also PDF files for download on that page.

These are the symbols only, and technically have nothing to do with
any one Sign Language...They do not teach ASL, but are generally used
to write any signed language...So these listings do not show actual
application of the symbols....For that, you might want to see
dictionaries written in SignWriting in ASL...Here is one sample on
the web:

ASL Picture Dictionary in SignWriting

Thanks for writing, and best of luck with your project....

Val ;-)

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