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Hi Tini - 

I am sorry to read about your disappointment with us. It is my fault - I forgot to ask my students for another series of pictures for our exchange ... 
There are soooooo many projects going on at the same moment - you would not believe that . OK - as soon as my students will come back from their holidays I will try to motivate them to start the next round ! Promise ;-) 

Stefan ;-)

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  Good morning Valerie and list. 

  Wow what a job that must have been. I bet you, at times you saw stars in front of you instead of signs. Hard on your eyes to sit all day in front of the screen.

  I have a question. How do we get " file maker 5.0? And YES I would like to learn how to add signs into file maker.

  We had our second session with our children of L.I.F.E. and this was their first time that they wrote their own sign name on the computer. Exciting!!! The word "cool" is still ringing in my ears this morning. It was fun. Now they are talking about writing a book. . Each of them will write their own story. We will then put it together into a booklet and send it up to you. That was decided yesterday. I hope it materializes, that would be just great. 

  It is to bad that the correspondence between Germany and the New Mexico children stopped. Ours got a bit discouraged because they did not get a response on their last letters. So this booklet may awaken their writing again.

  Well have a wonderful day everyone,



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