Please review this sign spelling

Stuart Thiessen smt_sw at EARTHLINK.NET
Fri Apr 11 17:24:49 UTC 2003

Well, I am trying to assess how to look at the movement.  When I sign it fast, it is almost more like shaking with a forward movement.  When I do it slow, it is more like the movement goes forward with a wrist twist, stops, comes back to the start position, goes forward with a wrist twist, stops, etc.  There are 2 or 3 instances of this kind of movement in the slower version.

There are some semantic differences between the two but they are basically related to the same concept I expressed before.

If it goes back to the original start position for the wrist rotation, is it necessary to show the back movement or assume that is understood since you really couldn't rotate the wrist much more?  For the faster version, do you think I should use the shaking symbol rather than the wrist rotation symbol?



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April 11, 2003

To SW Listers, and Stuart!
Thank you for this question...Your SignWriting is excellent for a
movement that moves forward while the hand makes two humps up and
forward and over...But your word description is different . Your words
say "movement with a rotation of wrist going forward and back several
times"...So is there some movement going back as well as forward? Right
now it is only going forward...Val ;-)


On Thursday, April 10, 2003, at 06:40  AM, Stuart Thiessen wrote:
> This is an ASL sign for "next, next, next" in the sense of passing
> something along or now it is your turn, or something of that nature.
> To describe the movements, start with both hands in the ASL L
> handshape with palm facing the chest and index fingers pointing to
> each other, one on each side of the chest and thumb contacting the
> chest.  Then then both hands move forward simultaneously in a steady
> movement with a rotation of wrist going forward and back several
> times.  (This gives the idea of "its your turn, your turn, your turn"
> or "its passed to you, then you pass to others, who pass to others,
> etc."). Does this spelling capture this sign adequately or could I do
> it better?


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