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Wed Apr 23 02:18:11 UTC 2003

SignWriting List
April 22, 2003

Dear SW List Members:
Thank you, to all the SignWriters in Iowa, Malta, Ireland, Nicaragua,
Norway, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Germany ...Just in the past week I have
received great news from each country...so let me start with what I
received today, and move backwards in time!

Today we were blessed with 5 newspaper articles about SignWriting in
Germany...in a newspaper from Osnabruck, where Stefan teaches
SignWriting to his young Deaf students... Congratulations Stefan!
Wonderful articles and great photos of you and your students...Look at
the attached file everyone!


On Tuesday, April 22, 2003, Stefan Woehrmann wrote:
> We have had a pretty satisfying visit of a two person reporter-team
> from our Newspaper - During their first visit I tried to explain the
> gigantic revolution in teaching the DEAF students with the help of
> this wonderful tool (Sutton SignWriting) - When they came the second
> time, they visited our class for almost 3 lessons - they took photos
> and got a nice impression of the happyness and agile attitude of my
> students - In the end they published a  w h o l e   p a g e  (!!!! )
> consisting of 5 articles -and perhaps this can be a mosaik stone in
> your collection to ask for financial support from whomever??
> I think that this publication is at least a good chance to raise
> curiosity ---- and that is very helpfull to spread the idea...Have a
> great day...Stefan ;-))

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