Question From Colombia...Index Half-Hinge and Full-Hinge

Hector Devia hdevias at TUTOPIA.COM
Sat Apr 26 22:32:03 UTC 2003

Thank you very much, I understand now.
And Sorry because I Just see your messages, right now I am having troubles
conecting to internet from Facatativa, so needed to travel to Bogot ç  to
conect internet.

Thank you very much.

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Subject: Question From Colombia...Index Half-Hinge and Full-Hinge

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April 22, 2003

On Sunday, April 13, 2003, Hector Devia wrote:
> I am writing this time to ask you about the symbols "Half and full
> hinge" I simply do not understand the hand shape, Could you please
> explain to me? May be a picture will help me to understand this hand
> shape. Thank you very much. Hector Devia Colombia.

Index Half-Hinge and Full-Hinge...Excellent diagrams, Stefan - Really
super!  And Hector, the dot represents the finger "projecting" forward.
The dot moves up and down depending on the level of the finger that is
projecting forward....In the SSS 2002 symbol set, I chose two of those
to be standard symbols, one with the finger half-way down, and one
completely down...  Val ;-)




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