Mundbilder in Swiss-German "Deaf story telling style"

Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Thu Aug 7 02:53:42 UTC 2003

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August 6, 2003

Stefan Woehrmann wrote:
> from my point of view this is a very important aspect of spelling - 
> style in SW, which is worthwhile a more detailed discussion.  At least 
> for the German-speaking area I can predict that GebaerdenSchrift has 
> to include more "Mundbilder"  if you really want to proof it to be a 
> valuable writing system....

Dear SW list and Stefan!
I hope we have already proved, at least to a small extent, that 
SignWriting has some value...There are so many Deaf children who have 
benefited from your work, Stefan!

I guess when a person writes a Sign Language they do not know, then the 
writing is different than someone who knows the Sign Language...Two 
very different kinds of writing...but both have something to 
contribute...I am sure that someone from Japan might mouth some words, 
but if you and I do not know Japanese, how could we possibly know the 
word they are mouthing, if we don't speak I apologize if 
my German is rusty!

And I applaud your work with Mundbildschrift, Stefan... I think you are 
right that it will be used more and more. I understand that the 
northern European Sign Languages do use a lot of mouthing of 
words...and I know Penny in Switzerland is also very focused on more 
and more facial expressions. I hope you all will work together to make 
some decisions on writing your facial expressions...

My job these days is getting computer programs to work for you - I hope 
I can succeed!

I have to go save all our messages in April 2002, so hopefully I can 
write again tomorrow -

All the best -

Val ;-)
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