Esperanto alphabet

Signuno signuno at YAHOO.FR
Thu Aug 7 12:15:02 UTC 2003


I am trying to define the Esperanto manual alphabet
also in terms of sign writing, , and am
unsure about letters ^g and k.  Could someone say what
the 2002 category-group-symbol (or show an image) are

^g : like L, but hooked index and hooked thumb, thumb
remains out to side

k  : index up, middle hinged, index and middle form a
right angle, tip of thumb at index-middle join

Also please, for "t" am I using the correct
signwriting handshape: the thumb is simply under the
hooked index, not between index-middle.  Almost a
combination of "a" and "x".

Hopefully, the c and ^c signwriting symbols I used are
correctly orientated.

I'm new to signwriting, and its all very interesting.
I hope my site will motivate other Esperanto speakers
to take an interest in Signwriting (Signoskribado).


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