SignWriting in Esperanto-Gestuno....;-)

Dan Parvaz dparvaz at MAC.COM
Fri Aug 8 18:43:29 UTC 2003

> Dear SW List and Dankon!

Heh. "Dankon" means "thanks" in Esperanto. :-)

If the goal is to provide the deaf, hard-of-hearing (and apparently, those
who are deaf and blind) with access to Esperanto orthography, why the
departure from the one-handed manual alphabet understood by millions of
deaf people worldwide? The letters like "z" and "j", for instance, could
easily be modified to depict "zx" and "jx".  Zamenhof stuck to the widely
used written Latin alphabet where possible;  following a similar guideline
might be in order for fingerspelled Esperanto. Il also understand that the
modifications were made to keep the wrist in the same position, but in
doing so, ease of comprehension might be *decreased,* since letters start
looking the same under the prpopsed scheme. In fact, it might not be a bad
idea to start a workshop and let the participants vote on a manual



Kara samideano: vi povas skribi al mi Esperante, sed la listlingvo cxi tie
estas Angla.

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