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Katrien Van Mulders katrien_vanmulders at YAHOO.COM
Wed Aug 20 08:58:46 UTC 2003


My name is Katrien Van Mulders and I am a researcher of the Flemish Sign Language at the university of Ghent. Me and my co-worker Kristof De Weerdt would like to ask you two questions :

- We have some trouble with 'sign-writing' the sign for Scotland. In this sign only the elbow moves up and down (referring to the movement made by the arm when playing a bag-pipe) and we have no idea how we should put that into sign-writing. Can you help us?
- In the Flemish sign for 'money', the forefinger and the thumb rub against eachother quickly several times, while the other fingers stay 'closed'. How do you put the rubbing of those two fingers into sign-writing?

Thank you!


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