e-mail viruses

Jerry Spillman jzs at XMISSION.COM
Wed Aug 20 12:22:15 UTC 2003

Dear Valerie and SW List,

Someone unknown to me is using my Sign Poetry webmaster e-mail address
(unauthorized), swp at cyberjer.com to transmit a virus called SOBIG
through UC Berkeley's Socrates mail server.  No mail is originated from
swp at cyberjer.com, it is only a forwarding device at my web server, so if
anyone receives mail with the return or from address of
swp at cyberjer.com, please do not open it, delete it immediately.  I
received the first notice of this only minutes ago.  Unfortunately there
is nothing that I can do currently about this except warn everyone to be
alert that this is happening, and let you know that we at CYBERJER.COM
and CYBERJER.US do not originate any e-mail from CYBERJER domains
themselves.  We apologize for any difficulties this has caused.

Jerry Spillman
MAILTO:jzs at xmission.com

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