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Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Wed Aug 20 12:48:54 UTC 2003

SignWriting List
August 20, 2003

Dear SW List, and Jerry...
Thank you for informing us, Jerry...It certainly is not your
fault...The internet is both a wonderful and strange place. And there
is no way for an individual like yourself to be completely protected,
especially when you have web sites, as you do.

I remember when I first got a cable modem (broadband), I was really
shocked to find out that I would need a firewall to protect my cable
modem from being used by other people to send out their spam...So we
all live behind our firewalls....;-)

In my case, I have special software that can block unwanted email
addresses, such as spam.... So the email address you mention:

> swp at cyberjer.com

can be placed in that blocker...That way I never open any messages from
that email address...

If others are interested in knowing more about this, write to the List
and we can briefly discuss it...before we go on to writing Lessons for
signs in Flemish Sign Language, and writing mouth movements ....;-)

Val ;-)


On Wednesday, August 20, 2003, at 05:22 AM, Jerry Spillman wrote:

> Dear Valerie and SW List,
> Someone unknown to me is using my Sign Poetry webmaster e-mail address
> (unauthorized), swp at cyberjer.com to transmit a virus called SOBIG
> through UC Berkeley's Socrates mail server.  No mail is originated from
> swp at cyberjer.com, it is only a forwarding device at my web server, so
> if
> anyone receives mail with the return or from address of
> swp at cyberjer.com, please do not open it, delete it immediately.  I
> received the first notice of this only minutes ago.  Unfortunately
> there
> is nothing that I can do currently about this except warn everyone to
> be
> alert that this is happening, and let you know that we at CYBERJER.COM
> and CYBERJER.US do not originate any e-mail from CYBERJER domains
> themselves.  We apologize for any difficulties this has caused.
> Jerry Spillman
> MAILTO:jzs at xmission.com

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