e-mail viruses

Daniel Noelpp d.noelpp at GMX.CH
Wed Aug 20 14:50:04 UTC 2003

That happened to me too: a computer virus is faking my e-mail address.
It's a real shame. I don't understand what's happening exactly but I
think it has been this way:

1. Some computer get infected.
2. The virus is looking for an unprotected outgoing e-mail server in
the internet.
3. The virus is sending faked e-mails with all e-mail-adresses it can
find on the infected computer.

In the last few days I got more than 50 e-mails from people unknown to
me (mostly from Switzerland) and all of them contain that virus. I am
very worried. I think my e-mail-adress is being spread everywhere. I
got warnings from e-mail relays which stopped e-mails faked with my
e-mail address telling me that they didn't forward "my" e-mails.


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