demonstration of expressive viewpoint

Stefan Woehrmann stefanwoehrmann at GEBAERDENSCHRIFT.DE
Wed Aug 20 14:03:17 UTC 2003

Hi Ingvild and friends,

I think that this a wonderful animation to demonstrate the expressive
viewpoint -

Just describe the situation somebody is lifting posters and the messages are
shown to the audience - but standing behind the performer we have got no
chance to read written words - ha!

We even do not know how the guy looks like (facial expressions)  in order to
describe that we simply behave as if we are able to look through his body

and then we will get documents with all information we need for an adequate

(perhaps I should try to construct another gif with facial expressions and
the written document seen from behind ?? )

Stefan ;-))

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Hi Stefan,

this one is wonderfull,
and with your permission I will use it as an illustration in the revised
lessons book.
Here you can see how the face is written from the expressive viewpoint,
onto a 2-dimensional paper - just what I needed.

All the best,
you are doing a great job,


Hi Valerie, Antony, Ingvild, Daniel, Tini and rest of the family ...
What do you think of this guy? He somehow shy and confused so he is
looking at the mirror -
and he asks himself "What is going on in my face
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