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December 5, 2003

Nancy E Emery wrote:
> I have a couple of questions about how to write head turns and mouth
> movements.  I'm trying to show that the signer is turning his head from
> one side to the other as he follows something going by.  I only need
> one
> sign for the thing going by - but how best to show the head turn and
> eye
> gaze following?  Right now I have three faces - one turned to the
> right,
> one facing central, one turned to left - connected with a unit line to
> the
> handshape.  The direction of the face is shown by nose position, head
> tilt
> on shoulder line, and eye gaze.  Any other ideas?

Nancy ....Do you know how to scan your handwriting into your computer?
If you can do that, then you could send your writing to us, by creating
a jpeg, gif or png of your scanned document, and then attaching that to
an email message...Or send us a PDF file of your sign, if you can
create can create a PDF on your Macintosh without any
special is a built in part of the printer drivers in Mac
OS X......I will be happy to help you privately if you need it...

But meanwhile, it sounds like you have some good ideas above...Attached
I have created a GIF of a sign that is not the same, but has some
similarities...Notice that the double-stemmed arrow over the head shows
the direction of the the nose is looking up-left-diagonal at
the beginning of the sign, and then as the hand moves, the head goes to
the other side...And the eyegaze is in the same direction as the
nose...So although the hand movement is really parallel with the floor,
the head and eyegaze are up diagonal...

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