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December 5, 2003

Nancy Every from Washington State wrote:
>> Also I want to show that when the signer shows someone moving along
>> with a
>> bouncing movement, he's opening and closing his lips with each bounce
>> as
>> though saying buh-buh-buh.  Any ideas?

Dear SW List members and Nancy:

There are several ways to write multiple mouth movements ...First, as
an introduction,have you seen Stefan's Gebaerdenschrift Mundbilder? Go

When you go to that web page, you will see Stefan's way of writing the
mouth-movement "Be" with two facial expressions linked
together...Please see attached GIF, which I created from his web

That is one way to write the mouth movement for the letter "b"
sound...I know, Nancy, that you are trying to write this three times in
one sign, so my next message will be about that...

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