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December 6, 2003

On Nov 13, 2003, Nana Dumitra in the Philippines wrote:
> (Filipino Sign) Dictionary has about 190 entries so far and the
> Tagalog one
> I am just working on, I think there will be more entries, because
> people are
> using so many synonyms in spoken Tagalog, that we often need to enter
> 3 - 4
> Tagalog words for one sign. The school we are living at encouraged us
> to
> just use SW for all we teach the students - we are not quite there
> yet, but
> we are sure working on it (part of this encouragement is that the
> principal
> of the school feels the Deaf have to learn "correct" English and
> somehow he
> feels less threatened by SW than by our approach to borrow words from
> English and to write them in Sign grammar :)).

Dear SW List, and Nana!
This is a wonderful story...Usually, in other schools in other
countries, administrators prefer their spoken language, rather than
Sign Language and SignWriting, because they don't know SW or Sign
Language, for that matter. So most teachers spend time trying to
encourage their administrators to accept SW.

But in your school, in the Philippines, it seems to have reversed!
SignWriting is less threatening, since you are dealing with several
different spoken languages, and choosing which spoken language is more

Thanks, Nana, for sharing this with us...Glad you finally got the CDs I
sent you...I hope they bless your students...Would you like me to
resume teaching SignBank on the SW List?....;-)

Val ;-)

Valerie Sutton
Sutton at

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