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SignWriting List
December 6, 2003

Dear SW List Members, James, Ingvild, Daniel and everyone -
Behind the scenes recently, we have had frequent email correspondence
about programming SignWriting....In one recent message, we were
discussing a key in SignWriter DOS, which Ingvild called the "toolbox
key"...and ironically, James mentions this special key below, in his
message to the List...

James/Judy Shepard-Kegl wrote:
> There are a lot of signs in Nicaragua that involve opening and closing
> lips
> (as if talking) or chattering teeth, and one student's name-sign
> entails
> multiple squinting of the eyes.  There are a number of SW characters
> that
> have no officially assigned signification -- so that gives us some
> room to
> be inventive within the parameters of the system.  There is one symbol
> (oh,
> I forget just where, perhaps under the zero or the dash -- somewhere
> on the
> right side top row of the keyboard) that looks like a crooked finger.
> We
> use on of those for a chomp and one plus its mirror image for
> chomping, when
> placed by the teeth symbol,  and for rapid lip smacking when placed by
> the
> neutral mouth symbol.

Valerie continues....
That is correct, James....it is a key on the top row of the keyboard in
SignWriter DOS... it holds little pieces of symbols that can help a
typist construct their own temporary symbols, when they do not have the
symbol they need on the keyboard...So first, I would like to share with
the List, where they can find this "toolbox key"...

Go to this web page:

SignWriter DOS Instruction Manuals

and download ...Document Number 3: SignWriter-At-A-Glance...

Now, open that PDF file, and in the Table of Contents, click on the
third to the last page...called "typing arms and fingers"....(see my
attached GIF)...to be continued...

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