Research on if ASL should be written

Antonio Carlos da Rocha Costa rocha at ATLAS.UCPEL.TCHE.BR
Sun Dec 14 16:56:54 UTC 2003


  Perhaps your research should rather be entitled
"Research on how Deaf people currently think about if ASL should
be written or not".

  This seems less compromising to the people you interviewed, and
to the future of (written) ASL.

  Just a humble suggestion (from a hearing person).

  All the best,

  Ant ­? io Carlos

> Hey Val and everyone,
> I have just finished my research that I mentioned a few months ago about if
> ASL should be written or not. I found the results of the Deaf community
> rather intresting. (Partly because they were different from my views, and I
> am Deaf!) Once I get that report back from my teacher and format it so that
> I can send it via email, I will do so.
> Val, thanks for the videos that you sent me. They proved to be invalueable.
> I wanted to thank you sooner, but that paper needed to be done as soon as
> possible.
> Here are some numbers that I got from my research with several Deaf people.
> Of the 50 that I interviewed, only 15 said that ASL should be written. Also,
> of thoes 50, only 4 had seen SignWriting. Most of these said that it didn't
> look like true writting. A side note -- they didn't think that Chinese was
> either. :-) These are some of the things that were mentioned in on the paper
> that I turned in.
> Oh,  and one last thing, Val. My teacher was very curious about my paper
> because she studied SignWriting about 20 years ago and had the same question
> I did.
> I'll get the paper sent to you all as soon as I can. Until then...
> |    |
>   ! !  /
> Adam
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