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Stefan Woehrmann stefanwoehrmann at GEBAERDENSCHRIFT.DE
Wed Dec 24 10:11:06 UTC 2003

Hi Ron , Valerie and list members,

I installed DOSBox v0.58 and tried to work with SW44 under Windows XP -

well it works - but I do not feel comfortable.

I am very used to move the cursor or the whole sign quickly - under Dos Box/
XP this is not possible on my Computer. The cursor moves slowly and does not
react immediately so after pushing the arrow - key several times the cursor
will move forward long after I have already stopped - so it is difficult to
navigate accurately ;-( The computer reacts with strange knocking noises ---
screenshots cause problems - all in all I do not feel comfortable with that

So I decided instead to work with a second computer which is running under
Windows 98.

I am interested whether other DOS - Box users don't experience any
differences except for the missing files in the start-window??


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SignWriting List
December 23, 2003

 >>>Ronald Dettloff wrote:
Please help me learn what to do for SignWriting on Windows XP. Please,
please. I do not want my system to crash again?


Dear SW List and Ron!

Go to this web page:

.....and download document number 116.

Then follow the instructions step-by-step...

If you have further quetions, just write again!

Thanks for all you and your group has done, Ron, in 2003...Your Bible
translations are wonderful!

Val ;-)

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