News from Japan and a plea for help

Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Tue Feb 4 16:39:27 UTC 2003

On Monday, February 3, 2003, at 10:45 PM, Mark Penner wrote:
> I'm hoping for some help. Since we feel it is pushing hard to cover the
> first four chapters in one day, and won't have the rest of the book
> ready
> for quite a while, we want to at least give out a list of all the
> symbols
> in the system with illustrations of each. We can pick these out of the
> illustrations in the Spanish SW book and assemble them in a list, but
> if
> someone has already done something like that, it would be SO much
> simpler
> to steal (or buy) their work.

SignWriting List
February 4, 2003

Dear SW List and Mark -
Great to hear from you again. Everyone is very busy. In fact, Steve and
Dianne Parkhurst, the authors of the Spanish Sign Language SignWriting
textbook, which you mention, are not on the SignWriting List right now,
because they are too I will share these messages with them

Meanwhile, I know you are asking for illustrated hand diagrams in a
list, along with the SignWriting symbols themselves, and although I do
not have that at this time, that will happen in the future. There is a
place to put illustrations in SignBank, so that when you print the
symbols, they come with illustrations. But I have not added any
illustrations yet. So your deadline is not reachable...

One quick question...Have you downloaded the List of symbols called the
Sign-Symbol-Sequence? It might be helpful to your students too...Go to:

Scroll down and download the "Help Files". Un-zip them. These are the
documents included:

Sign Symbol Sequence in Blue
Sign Symbol Sequence in White
Complete Lessons in SignWriting Textbook
QuickStart Manuals
SignBank 2002 Reference Manual
SignSpelling Guidelines

I would suggest giving your students the "Sign Symbol Sequence in
White" is easiest and cheapest to print...

I know that others have offered to help you too - that is wonderful!

And congratulations, Mark, on all you are accomplishing -

Val ;-)

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