News from Japan and a plea for help

Mark Penner pennermnm at YAHOO.CO.JP
Wed Feb 5 07:47:50 UTC 2003

At 08:39 03/02/04 -0800, you wrote:
> Dear SW List and Mark -
> Great to hear from you again. Everyone is very busy. In fact, Steve and
> Dianne Parkhurst, the authors of the Spanish Sign Language SignWriting
> textbook, which you mention, are not on the SignWriting List right now,
> because they are too I will share these messages with them
> later...

I copied the post to them, because I knew they were not on the list right
now, and thought they might like to know what was happening with their book.

> Meanwhile, I know you are asking for illustrated hand diagrams in a
> list, along with the SignWriting symbols themselves, and although I do
> not have that at this time, that will happen in the future. There is a
> place to put illustrations in SignBank, so that when you print the
> symbols, they come with illustrations. But I have not added any
> illustrations yet. So your deadline is not reachable...

OK. I had looked in SignBank but didn't find it, so its good to know that
my searching skills were not the problem.

> One quick question...Have you downloaded the List of symbols called the
> Sign-Symbol-Sequence? It might be helpful to your students too...Go to:

Ah! This is another item I was searching for and wasn't finding. (If my Mom
were on the list, she sould be chuckling at my dismal search skills.) I
downloaded it, thank you. It is most helpful. I would like to translate it
into Japanese. Is there a way to do that from a PDF file?


Mark and Mary Esther Penner
Tokyo, Japan
penner at

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