New Handshapes to Be Added to SymbolBank....

Antony Daamen adaamen at OPTUSNET.COM.AU
Fri Feb 14 23:29:34 UTC 2003


Hi Val and all others,

I have downloaded th eprogram and have been playing with it. Trying to
understand and learning............

I wanted to write the sign: "How are you?" in Auslan.

maybe it is a difficult sign to write, but I had to start somewhere....

As it is a Wh-question (who where how what?) the eyebrows are raised, the
head slightly tilted.  (=A question mark - body language.)
The four fingers are pointed to the chest, the thumb is pointed to the sky.

the hand(s) move forward  from the chest, toward the person whom the
question is asked, and changes to the "good" handshape,which is:  fist, with
the thumb up.

can be one-handed or two handed, depending on: the 'slang' of the person,
the intensity ( if you haven't seen your best friend for a while, or just a
morning greeting), also if you have something in one hand :-)

ok. I have been playing with your program and have not been able to get it
Can't find the first handshape, cant raise the eyebrows. find the right
picture for raise eyebrows, but when I press the corresponding key, a white
square apears on the left bottom and that is all...

Ok then i decided to do something more simple: the Our Father prayer.  

I found the fist handshape, but could not find the right-hand arrow.

both fists in front of the body, found one arrow in the left direction, but
not the arrow for the other hand....

After my playing  i have read the instructions, but was nothing the wiser...

So sorry, I have to stick my hand up in class or line up for help with the
other students....  

Thank you -my favourite teacher- would you be able to push me in the right

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