New Handshapes to Be Added to SymbolBank....

Hector Devia hdevias at TUTOPIA.COM
Sat Feb 15 00:46:27 UTC 2003

Valerie Sutton and SW list members
January 14, 2003

Valerie Sutton asked: "You asked if you can add the handshapes yourself? - not in the actual 


No, I don't mean to add handshapes into sw4.4, I mean if there are a way to add in the SSS list (an "application to include in" just to say something) and in that way the "new symbols" became "Official" for Sign Writing use. SW4.4 is O.K, may be (I suppose) further versions of the SignWriter processor will contain all the "international symbols" for SignWriting.

For now, my best solution is to keep special "sgn" documents for the "New Handshapes" and look there when a new symbol is needed. In order to do so, I will be waiting your explaination about the rules for constructing new handshapes.

Hector Devia
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