AW: Australian sign for "How are you?"

Stefan Woehrmann stefanwoehrmann at GEBAERDENSCHRIFT.DE
Tue Feb 18 17:44:15 UTC 2003

Hi Valerie,

yes that is wonderful that we should be able to exchange information about
special signs in all the different SL  of the world.

We are on our way to get the spelling correct ;-))

Right now I am trying to write a list of country and city-names from Europe
and Germany. Would be wonderful if more and more DEAF people become
competent SW-users - This would allow us to collect datas of this kind for
any SignBank in a short time with all the variations that show up.

Stefan ;-)

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Betreff: Australian sign for "How are you?"

SignWriting List
February 17, 2003

So is this the Australian sign for "How are you?" That's great!

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