Parking on a Hill

GS-Media gsmedia at DPLANET.CH
Tue Feb 18 10:34:41 UTC 2003

Dear List,

Here in Zurich we have a working group for notating Swiss German signs.
We have found several signs for which we don't think there is an
existing symbol in SW, but would like to check with the List first to
see if this is correct.

For example for a car  parked upwards or downwards on a hill in front of
the signer, we use a flat hand, palm down with the tips orientated away
from the signer and slightly upwards.  This sign requires no movement,
so the forwards+upwards orientation of the hand cannot be shown with a
movement symbol.
Our problem is that we can't find a SW symbol which shows IN THE
HANDSHAPE ALONE this forwards-upward or -downwards diagonal orientation
(although one can write upward+diagonal orientations of the hand in the
other planes).

Have we missed something? Is there indeed a way to write such a sign in
which no movement is involved?

Many thanks for any advice you might have,

Siv Fosshaug

GS-MEDIA Gebaerdenschrift (SignWriting) Projekt

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