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On February 19, 2003, Tiffany wrote:
> I was thinking on terms of number three Effective as a tool for 
> teaching spoke language literacy to Deaf Children. When I learn about  
> sign writing one of my concerns were how would Deaf children learn 
> English if they were using sign writing will  it slow down their 
> process or speed up their process? How will it affect them in an 
> English world? When is the English language being taught to these 
> children?

SignWriting List
February 19, 2003

SignWriting appears to speed the learning of English. But we do not 
have statistical data on that. Only documented reactions of joy with 

Dr. Cecilia Flood, in New Mexico, completed her dissertation on 
studying Deaf children learning SignWriting. It will be available as a 
publication in the Spring. Cecilia's work is very important, because it 
shows through several years of study, that Deaf children benefited 
greatly if they had SignWriting in their curriculum...the most marked 
difference is their raised self-esteem and feeling of pride that they 
could really read and write. They even published their own little 
books, written in both SignWriting in ASL and also some English. But 
Cecilia's study did not include any statistical data - it was based on 
before, during and after experiences...and direct interviews with the 
Deaf students themselves. One child would kiss the SignWriting 
books...that shows you how much joy it gave the students, who if they 
were asked what projects they wanted to do, they chose SignWriting 
first and foremost.

The Albuquerque teachers will be presenting SignWriting at a conference 
here in San Diego called the "Cal-Ed Impact Conference For the Success 
of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children". It will be in San Diego on March 
7th, 8th and 9th. The teachers will be staying with me, so we should 
have fun!

Val ;-)
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