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In answer to Tiffany,

English is a written language based on a spoken language, if one cannot hear it, is is often difficult to learn it if one has no concept of "writing" a communication medium.

Kids who know sign language can read Sign Writing within hours.  Even hearing children take weeks to learn spoken English as a written language.  Having Sign Writing to encourage Deaf children to write down their language opens up their minds to communicating through writing.  Then they can transfer that writing skill to English or any other spoken language much more easily, because they already "get" that a language can be "written down."

ASL is their first language.  It should be respected as such.

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  Hi Judy,
   thanks for replying so quick. I apoligize for not being clear  this is all new to me as i have just learn about sign writing a few months ago.
  I was thinking on terms of number three Effective as a tool for teaching spoke language literacy to Deaf Children. When I learn about  sign writing one of my concerns were how would Deaf children learn English if they were using sign writing will  it slow down their process or speed up their process? How will it affect them in an English world? When is the English language being taught to these children?
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