web-based version?

Antonio Carlos da Rocha Costa rocha at ATLAS.UCPEL.TCHE.BR
Fri Feb 21 22:09:01 UTC 2003


 There were some developments here in Brazil at some universities 
(UCPel, PUCRS and more recently UNISINOS), but none that reached
satisfactory results, I guess.

 The main problem is the same, difficulty in keeping the teams
working for enough time. But surely this is universal.

 Our more recent attemp, the SW-Edit editor, that was supposed to
come out by march, will delay once more...

 I'm going to send you technical details about the few programs
that we tried to develop in a separate message.

 All the best,

 Antônio Carlos

> Hey guys..
> First time writing on here, but have been lurking for a few weeks.  My
> question is:  Is anyone currently working on an online-version of the
> signwriting software?  I was thinking about writing one that is web based
> only, but wasn't sure if there was already one in the works?
> Thanks!
> Daniel K. Szwalkiewicz
> IS&T Developer
> LeMans Corporation
> Phone: 608-758-1111  Ext. 5549
> Fax:      608-758-1814

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